Working From Home – Pros and Cons

What is good and what is bad about working from home. Pros 1) You can set your own schedule This is great if you are somewhat nocturnal like me, or if you just hate rushing in the morning. 2) You do not have a dress code I do not enjoy wearing shoes all day. Thankfully … Read more

What it Takes to be a Developer

Being a developer is a fairly unique pursuit. It is difficult and at times demoralizing. You will have doubts and 99% of you will face some failures. DISCLAIMER/UPDATE: In the 3 years since this was written Corona has become an SDK that I not only don’t recommend but strongly advise against. I’m not going to … Read more

5 Things A Developer Needs On Their Desk

Here’s a list of five things I believe every developer should have on their desk. 1. 4 different “screens”. A screen could be any device, a laptop, a desktop, an iPad, an Android tablet, an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device, etc. This serves two purposes, the first is obvious – you need different devices to … Read more

3 Tips To Make Your Website Not Suck

As it is a requirement for all Apple developers to have a website and many of us also have our own studio sites, blogs, etc. I thought this post might come in handy for some of you. The title is intended to be amusing only – I’m sure your website doesn’t suck  Tip 1 – … Read more

How I Came To Corona

This is a story some of you will have already heard but I feel it might be a good way to start a discussion. I have spoken with lots of you at length and yet I know how very few of you first discovered Corona and what prompted you to start developing. This is the … Read more

6 Things Every Developer Needs

There are six things every independent developer (or any entrepreneur for that matter) needs. This is a list of what I believe these things are. 6) Goals and Rewards Goals give you something to shoot for then provide gratification once achieved. In my experience it is best to have at least 3 goals at any … Read more