For Carlos M Icaza, 1966-2016

My attempt to convey the love, gratitude and admiration I have for you through an open letter after you were taken far, far too soon.  I know others are writing about your career, but right now, your 50th birthday, when I should be preparing your gift-pile and getting ready to see you, I’m still too overwhelmed … Read more

What A Year

2015 was quite a year; 2016 will have more posts, IOT and a lot of content for newbies, in both software and hardware. The main reason for my lack of posts is the mindset I’ve had of trying to write, most of the time, semi-professionally; the kind of style I use when I’m writing the … Read more

An Overdue Update, 2015

A long overdue update on myself, leaving Lanica, joining Black Gate Games, Platino, GDC, relocating, and my new role as CTO.It’s really hard to know how to start this blog; I haven’t written anything since October 2014 and a LOT has happened in that time. I’m going to break this up into sections so no … Read more

Grant Bertram, Rest in Peace

Grant Bertram, my former de facto husband and friend of many years, committed suicide on Thursday, October 16th, in the early hours of the morning in our hotel room in Lexington, Kentucky. As anyone searching for Grant Bertram, watching the news, or in close contact with him, is aware – he was arrested on a … Read more

New Hidden Skype Emotes for 2014

A list of hidden Skype emotes for 2014 and their shortcodes. They are all in fact animated, however I was too lazy to convert the spritesheets from Skype’s package contents into gifs to display here, so there you go. Enjoy! Emote Shortcode (bike) (blackwidow) (bow) (bucky) (call) (captain) (cat) (ci) (dog) (envy) (headbang) (idea) (bike) … Read more

Playing with a Pebble Smartwatch

I’ve been playing with a Pebble smartwatch for iOS the past two weeks. Here are my thoughts on the Pebble’s use with iOS, battery life, features and usefulness. I got a white Pebble smartwatch about two weeks back, planning to use it with my iPhone and, in the near future, to write a couple of simple apps … Read more

How Windows Makes Me Feel

Three memes perfectly illustrating the Windows user experience. *When moving to the new server and fixing some errors I noticed the third image is unfortunately dead now, and apparently I wasn’t hosting it myself, so it won’t be turning back up again I can’t imagine- sorry!

Lessons From the Last 3 Years

I’ve been involved in mobile development for 3 years now, running Techority for 2. When Techority hit 2,000 approved comments last week I decided it might be interesting to reflect on what I’ve learned over the last few years that applies, (for the most part,) to life in general and not just app development. Lesson #1 – … Read more