5 Things A Developer Needs On Their Desk

Here’s a list of five things I believe every developer should have on their desk.

1. 4 different “screens”.

A screen could be any device, a laptop, a desktop, an iPad, an Android tablet, an iPhone, iPod Touch, Android device, etc. This serves two purposes, the first is obvious – you need different devices to test on and you need at least one computer to develop, the second is something that is easier to overlook; you just feel more like coding when you’re surrounded by tech stuff.

2. A Non-Greasy Snack

If you’re like me and have an oral fixation (I know that sounds dirty but it’s a thing, a lot of people have it) then you should try to keep some gum or a non-greasy snack on your desk. I know lots of people who keep some kind of chips/crisps/crackers on their desk to nibble on while developing and they end up having to wash their hands before typing again. It kills productivity.

3. CableDrops

Don’t know what these are? See here. They stop cables from falling off your desk. I don’t know about you but I have at least 7 cables that are not always connected. (The powerboard under my desk has USB ports on it as well as regular sockets.) 3 USBs (Apple, NOOK, regular micro,) a headphone charger, a DS charger and 2 laptop chargers. I got a pack of these (the brightly colored ones) and they’ve been total lifesavers.

4. A USB Hub

Trying to get behind my iMac to plug in cables is a gigantic pain, so I’m using a USB hub. It’s just a cheap one that came free when I bought a cover for an iPad, however it’s actually really good – it also lights up a different color depending on what is plugged in. (Blue for chargers, red for storage devices, green for headphones, etc.)

5. Inspiration

I think it’s important to have something on or near your desk to inspire you. Lots of people choose a photo of loved ones, others might choose articles or pictures they find inspiring. I have a few letters and postcards Corona devs have sent to me that I keep up around my desk as well as a quote from a friend on the whiteboard next to me.

There are plenty of things that developers feel they need on their desks but these are the top 5 as far as I’m concerned.

…. Especially the CableDrops. I swear, (as overpriced as they are,) those things are ridiculously useful.

Happy Holidays!

Peach Pellen 

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