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  1. Michael Lake Reply

    Hi Peach, I need some advice? Plz :)
    I’ve submitted my first iPad game to Apple and after 8 days of waiting it was rejected. Reason being, the game did not comply with IOS Interface Guidelines.

    The cause: game exclusively uses the Accelerometer and game orientation is played in Landscapeleft mode, home button on left. My reasoning for this orientation is most iPad cases such as Snugg use this orientation. Apple is now requiring games designed for Landscape exclusive mode to be designed for a minimum of LSleft and LSright.

    My game involves rolling a ball around the screen. I have made a build with the required LSleft and LSright orientations. Problem is when the game user tilts the iPad top down the screen orientation rotates, not a good user experience. The additional problem is when orientation changes to LSright the ball then reacts like and air bubble, meaning it rolls uphill rather than down.

    Peach I hope I have explained my dilemma so you can give me some advice. My hope is that you have already come across this problem before and can pass on to me a possible solution. Allowing the app to please Apple with a LSleft and LSright orientation that doesn’t rotate during game play and the ball always rolls down hill.

    Greetings from Euroside
    your coder friend,

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Hi Michael,

      I believe if you reply via resolution center to the rejection and explain the reasons (eg, “My app is locked to one orientation due to use of the accelerometer”, etc) that Apple will likely approve the app.

      I am familiar with their interface guidelines but have had many apps approved for this reason without issue; some apps just weren’t meant to support multiple orientations.

      Tell them more or less exactly what you have said in your comment to me and let me know how you go, OK? I believe you may have just gotten unlucky with your reviewer as, as far as I know, (elaborated on above,) this shouldn’t present an issue in cases like this.

  2. eng_dev Reply

    hi,Peach i need ur help ?? can i contact u

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      My contact details are above. If you are after more specific (CoronaSDK guessing from your Techority posts?) help then the official forum is a better place to start – there are already several threads there to answer most questions.

  3. wajid Reply

    Hi Pellen,
    I have a question about corona sdk. If I buy corona sdk pro subscription and a year don’t renew it then would I be in trouble? I mean is there a way to build the lua code into .app or .apk file without using corono sdk? Can I think of corona sdk to be like an IDE which provides powerful features but is not an absolute essential to build an application(in terms of java, you can always use jdk to build war for deployment process through command line)?

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Hi Wajid,
      It depends what you mean by “be in trouble”. Your apps would stay on the App Store but you couldn’t update them using Corona once your license expired if you chose not to renew.
      Corona SDK is not like an IDE, no, it’s needed to build your apps if you’re writing them in Lua/Corona.
      Any other Qs, feel free to ask.

  4. wajid Reply

    Thanks for your quick response to my earlier post. I’ve another question on accessing native libraries of ios & andriod. With corona sdk Can I be able to develop the app which will have the same UI look and feel of my existing ios & andriod apps out there. i.,e Can my ios app build with corona sdk have same UI widgets like Apple UIkitframework’s button, textfield, table cells, etc.,?

  5. Fred Kohler Reply

    Hi Peach,
    We’re still waiting for your post about leaving Corona Labs.
    Just curious.
    Sixaxis Studio Canada

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Hey Fred, I had a post up but it is not available for the time being. Sorry, stayed tuned, and as always feel free to email any time.

  6. Cyberience Reply

    Now you moved away from Corona, and following your track, I understand why. You seem to have moved to Titanium, which al in all is not to bad, I released a HTML5 game in HTML5 and wrapped it in Titanium for deployment, but HTML5 is not so good for real responsive action applications, so now I am using Gideros and have so far enjoyed the platform, would you consider using Gideros as you are pretty familiar with LUA and its a shame to waste that knowledge.

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Hey there –

      I’m actually using Platino – a game engine for Titanium. (So a little bit different.) The performance is excellent.

      Gideros is great but I’m happy to be using Platino; it really comes down to what kinds of apps you want to make, I think. If you’re interested the beta program send me an email, peach[at]lanica[dot]com and I’ll see what I can do.

      Else, best of luck! Gideros is a very solid SDK and if you are most comfortable with Lua (I’m admittedly really liking JavaScript myself these days) I can see why it would be the best choice for you :)

      • Cyberience Reply

        Funny you say that, After developing a lot in Javascript, and being very familiar with it, you need to use libraries to do special things like physics for example, so my justification was to move to Gideros, because it had the tools, plus cross platform, the problem I found with javascript was that, especially in Titanium, its a 1 platform language, it is tricky and messy to make a single code work on all platforms without some special consideration. if you want to access a native library, its with a native specific command, rather than the platform making a uniformed container.
        anyway, both do a good job, and maybe the messy Titanium might improve enough for me to consider later.

  7. Richard Roberts Reply


    Yo! How ya doing?

    Developing is nagging at the back of my brain and sometime in the near future I think I’ll be back at it.

    I had a person Sunday tell me they downloaded Brigitta’s Brittle from the app store and they made the Peanut Brittle. They absolutely raved about it.
    How do you go about advertising a food app (LOL).

    Looks like you’re doing well. Keep up the good fight!


    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Hey, that’s awesome RE your app! Great stuff.

      I’m doing well, I really have to post some kind of open letter sometime soon – the last 6 odd months have been crazy and I feel like hardly anyone is up to date.

      Hope you’re well too – and that when the dev bug bites you take a look at Titanium, it’s a great SDK, great for apps the style of Brigitta’s Brittle :)

  8. Roger Viizcaino Reply

    Hi Peach, great work you’re doing. I’m writing to you from Colombia South America, I want to ask you… where are the tutorials yo wrote about corona sdk??

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      On an old backup drive gathering dust in the bottom of closet.

  9. Sangram Reply

    Hey peach, please guide me in detail, which one should i prefer for game development (starting as indie dev)

    1. corona sdk and lua or
    2. platino and javascript.

    and why?

    i have some knowledge of corona, but i recently came across with lanica.
    its also a product of carlos icaza, so definitely it would be awesome.

    Which 1 YOU are using now.
    and which one should i prefer?

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Hi Sangram –

      This comes down to personal opinion. I am using Platino for all of my games now because I prefer it as a developer. There are some great options for tools and Javascript is a very cool language. Plus, I have faith in the Lanica team – I work with them every day so I know how awesome they are.

      Corona was good to get started with, but for games I definitely prefer Platino.

  10. Sangram Reply

    which 1 will take less time to develop a game or any business app?
    & which 1 is easy to learn and get started with?

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Neither is easier – well, actually, it depends on the SDK you use. A basic business app in Titanium is fairly easy to get started with :)

  11. César Ríos Reply

    Solo quiero decirte que admiro muchísimo tu trabajo y que estás muy wapa, te mando un beso.

    I just want to tell you much I admire your work and you are very pretty, I send you a kiss.

    I’m just entering the world of apps and I found your great tutorials, thanks.

    • Peach Pellen Reply

      Gracias César, mil besos!

      I appreciate your kind words and I hope you enjoy the tutorials. I went to add you on linkedin, but you are by connection only – so add me sometime if you’d like to keep in touch.

      Thanks :-)

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