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  1. Chris Reply

    haha :D epic music, but I really hate those vertical iPhoneFilmers ;)

  2. Can Berk Reply

    Hi there,

    Oh god I don’t know where to start this, I don’t even know what is the point of this but here it goes :D

    About 2 years ago you were using GameSalad and you were kind of a newbie like me. And than you decided to move on to Corona for some reason. (Might be the infamous GS Direct thing, I’m not sure)

    And your first game was Happy Doodle Sushi Smile (?!) if I remember correct :D I was damn surprised when I saw how fast you vreated something with Corona. (I was the top scoring in leaderbords for a while. Hell yea!)

    And I stopped doing anything. I went lazy. I always enjoyed developing/coding but still I’m way too lazy in life general. And 2 years passed. And now I started experimenting with corona and when I looked for a tutorial I always saw your name and said to myself “Ah, I remember that nice guy, I knew he was awesome like that!” And yeah I literally said he, I had no idea you were female until I found this website today (While looking for another tutorial of course! https://kodingen.com/?/groups/game-development/forum/topic/tutorial-corona-sdk/ ) and I have to say you are like a goddess to me now.

    I mean look at all the stuff you accomplished from when I last talked to you. Look at all those friends in this lovely video. Look at the amount of people you’ve helped. And look at how professional you’ve become when it comes to coding. :) It is a shame really, we both were exactly the same 2 years ago, now look at you! Way to go! And being successful while being a female in ANYTHING COMPUTER RELATED deserves an applause all by itself :D

    I just hope the best for you. Wish me luck on my *becoming a non-lazy-decent-normal-human-being journey” :D

  3. rakesh Reply

    make a count in your list too .. :)

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